Letting Go of Sin for the Hopeful Life – Advent 2019


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Reflective Study Guide Questions

“It is our part to seek, His to grant what we ask; ours to make a beginning, His to bring it to completion; ours to offer what we can, His to finish what we cannot. ”

 St. Jerome.
  1. In this talk Katie speaks about habitual sins and the fact that we all have certain sins that we commit repeatedly. It is easy to say that those sins are just part of who you are or that they are part of your personality. What are your habitual sins? Have you become comfortable in accepting those habitual sins or are you working to break the cycle of habitual sin?
  2. Consider the sins that you hold on to and imagine what you life would be like without them. What do you think would be different? 
  3. Have you ever been so hurt by someone else’s sin that you find yourself projecting the pain you’ve experienced onto God, as if God sinned against you? What did this do to your relationship with God?
  4. Take a moment to examine your relationship with Jesus. Who do you say that he is? 

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About Katie Sciba

Katie Sciba Retreat Speaker

Katie Sciba is a national speaker, retreat writer, and six-time Catholic Press Award-winning columnist. She holds a degree in theology from Benedictine College, and her work on Catholic minimalism, spiritual intimacy with Jesus, as well as marriage and family has impacted audiences nationwide. Katie writes for Cincinnati’s Catholic Telegraph and has been featured on several podcasts and radio shows. Her humor and honesty enable her to connect well with a crowd.

At home, Katie homeschools her children and plays an active part in her husband’s small business. She and Andrew live with their family in Omaha, Nebraska. You can learn more about her on her website and on her Facebook page.

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