Speaker: Katie Sciba

Katie Sciba is one of our speakers in our Pray More Retreat. Her talks are often encouraging as she shares some insights and relatable events in her life and how we can turn these moments closer to God. Learn more about Katie and her talks below!

About Katie Sciba

Katie Sciba Retreat Speaker

Katie Sciba is a national speaker, retreat writer, and six-time Catholic Press Award-winning columnist. She holds a degree in theology from Benedictine College, and her work on Catholic minimalism, spiritual intimacy with Jesus, as well as marriage and family has impacted audiences nationwide. Katie writes for Cincinnati’s Catholic Telegraph and has been featured on several podcasts and radio shows. Her humor and honesty enable her to connect well with a crowd.

At home, Katie homeschools her children and plays an active part in her husband’s small business. She and Andrew live with their family in Omaha, Nebraska. You can learn more about her on her website and on her Facebook page.

Katie Sciba’s Retreats and Talks

2022 Advent Retreat

Katie discusses Mercy and its different forms in our life in her talks for the 2022 Advent retreat.

  • Jesus: Love and Mercy Itself
  • Jesus’ Acts of Mercy in the Old & New Testament
  • Jesus’s Mercy in the Details of Our Lives
  • Entering Deeper Into Prayer

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2021 Lent Retreat

Katie shares how to get past obstacles that stand between us and a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ. She shares personal stories and gives insights into how we can overcome them.

  • Trading Busyness for the Peace of Christ
  • Eliminating Self-Comparison for Grateful Reality
  • Embracing Vulnerability to Overcome Pain
  • Letting Go of Sin for the Hopeful Life

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2019 Advent Retreat

Katie gives a total of four talks in this retreat. She shares some of her reflections and gives some advice and tips that we can do to make the season of advent more centered on Jesus. Check out the full list of Katie’s talks below!

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