Step 1: Choose your price!

Most retreats like this charge a specific entry fee. Not us! We let you choose how much to pay, if at all. Here’s why…

We know not everyone is able to afford to pay for something like this and we don’t want to keep anyone from benefitting from this retreat. So, you can choose what to pay for this. For example, you could choose $50, $20, $2 or even skip paying completely :) It’s up to you.

We are committed to not turning anyone away from the retreat who cannot pay. So, pay what you can!

I'll choose my price!

I can't pay, but still want to pray.


Why not just charge a set fee like other retreats?  We want everyone to be able to attend regardless of whether or not they can pay. We also trust that people are generous and if they see a benefit here, they will pay something to make sure it’s available for others.

Why are you asking for payment?  This retreat has cost us money to pay the speakers and produce the videos. Your payment helps cover our costs so that we can provide this to anyone and everyone.

Do I have to pay?  Nope! This is meant to be a blessing. If you’re unable or even just don’t want to, you don’t have to pay. You can still join. If you can make a small payment, please do so. It would help us cover our costs and do this for more people :)

Who should not pay?  If you’re in debt or struggling financially, please don’t pay. We want this to be a blessing and not a burden. Sign up and enjoy for free :)

Is this tax-deductible?  If you’re outside of the US, we do not know. For those in the US, payments for this retreat are not tax-deductible. We are not a registered 501c3 non-profit organization at this time and you would be receiving something in return for your payment which also disqualifies it.

Can I mail in a donation? Yes, You can mail a check made out to Pray More Novenas to:

Pray More Novenas, Retreat
55 Park Ave
Dayton, OH 45419

Be sure to include your email address with your check and then click here to finish registering for the retreat.

“There were many personal moments in which the speakers touched my heart and brought me closer to God’s love.”


“All the speakers were wonderful and it felt like they were speaking directly to me. I did not want it to end!”


“Wonderful talks! Great concept! Easy access!!!”


I'll choose my price!

I can't pay, but still want to pray.