Healing from Emotional Wounds – Healing 2019

Healing from Emotional Wounds” by Jonna Schuster

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Reflective Questions

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up the wounds.”

  1. Jonna shares that healing can happen for us in a number of different ways: it can come radically, overnight, or it can come over a long duration of time. What has your experience with past healing been like? Did it happen overnight or did it take a while?
  2. The Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it, so Jonna urges us to trust that He will provide for us on this journey. When have you trusted that that’s what He’ll do for you? What did that look like? How did He provide?
  3. Jonna encourages us to have hope again.What would that look like for you — to have hope again? What do you need for that? Ask God to give you that grace to hope again and try with us to trust that He will provide.
  4. Forgiveness can give us the power to move beyond our past, the moments we were hurt most, and those who hurt us. It can help us to move forward. Who do you need to forgive? What small steps can you make towards forgiveness? Remember that forgiveness is not always a one-time thing, and that it is a decision and not a feeling.

Jonna Schuster is an artist and a pioneer who is passionate about seeing the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer: “on earth as it is in heaven.” She graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in graphic design, and completed a master’s degree in moral theology at Christendom Graduate School. She spent 10 years as a full-time Director of Youth Ministry in the diocese of Arlington, VA, before which she served for two years as Campus Minister at Western Illinois University.

She and her husband, Jim, recently launched Catholic Revival Ministries, where they serve the Church by equipping Catholics to bring supernatural impact to all areas of life by partnering with the Holy Spirit in power and love. They believe everyone is called to greatness, and they have a heart to see people come into the fullness of their identity & calling. They also have a deep value for ecumenism.

When she’s not trying to change the world, Jonna enjoys exploring the outdoors, creating beautiful things, and spending quality time with her loved ones.