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Speaker: Sr. Orianne Pietra René

About Sr. Orianne Pietra René

Sr. Orianne Pietra René, fsp was born into a multi-cultural and multi-faith home, and converted to Catholicism at a young age.  After years of ongoing little conversions of heart, she left a teaching career to enter the Daughters of St Paul, a community of religious sisters dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel through the most effective means of communication, as St Paul did. Sr Orianne’s greatest wish is for all people to find their healing, their belonging, and their joy in Christ!

Sr. Orianne Pietra René’s Retreats and Talks

2023 Healing Retreat

Sr. Orianne discusses the importance of faith, resilience, and finding meaning in adversity. She also shares insights on developing a deeper connection with God.

2023 Healing Retreat Talks

  • How to Recognize the Lord’s Voice in Prayer
  • Coming to Know the Lord as Our Father
  • How to Respond to Our Crosses
  • Growing in a Life of Virtue with the Saints

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