Speaker: Regina Boyd

Regina is one of our speakers in our Pray More Healing Retreat. In her talks, she shares her experiences, thoughts, and expertise on how we can navigate through a life closer to God. Learn more about Regina below!

About Regina Boyd

Regina Boyd is the founder of Boyd Counseling Services, a Catholic licensed mental health practice based in Orlando that provides in-person and virtual therapy for couples, families, and teens. She works with clients who are experiencing life changes, desire healthy emotional connection, and seek to develop problem solving strategies within their relationships.

Regina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is a wife and mother of a delightful toddler. In her spare time Regina enjoys walks with her family, baking, going live for her Facebook and Instagram followers, and listening to Mumford and Sons. You can learn more here.

Regina Boyd’s Retreats and Talks

2021 Healing Retreat

Regina gives a total of four talks, touching on topics such as healing from betrayal, forgiveness, scrupulosity and more. She shares a lot of her personal experiences, expert opinions, and advice on how we can go through these difficulties with the goal to have a stronger relationship with Christ.

2021 Talks

  • Discovering Your Self-Worth
  • Overcoming Scrupulosity
  • Forgiving When You Can’t Forget
  • Healing from Betrayal

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