Speaker: Jackie Mulligan

Jackie Mulligan is one of our speakers in the Pray More Healing Retreat. She shares a lot of her personal experiences that made her trust God more in her life and live a closer life with Him. Learn more about Jackie and her talks below!

About Jackie Mulligan

Jackie Mulligan a holistic nutritionist, Catholic wellness practitioner, and the founder of Reform Wellness. She developed Reform Wellness to help people live their happiest, healthiest, and holiest lives.

Jackie’s practice was built with God at the center, the first of its kind to merge faith and functional health. Her mission with Reform is to empower people to grow in wholeness and become the best versions of themselves: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Jackie Mulligan’s Retreats and Talks

2021 Healing Retreat

Jackie Shares some of her deep personal encounters with God and how always trusting Him and His plans paves the way to a more meaningful life.

2021 Talks

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