Speaker: Deacon Larry Oney

Deacon Larry Oney is a speaker from our Pray More Healing Retreat. He shares his insights and prayer on the different types of healing and encourages us to ask God for guidance and healing keeping faith in His plan and purpose for us. Learn more about Deacon Larry Oney below!

About Deacon Larry Oney

Deacon Larry Oney Photo

Deacon Larry Oney is the chairman of HGI Global, founder of Hope and Purpose Ministries, international motivational speaker, host of the “Life and Spirit” podcast, author of Amazed by God’s Grace (published by The Word Among Us Press), Divine Mission:  Discovering Your Hope and Purpose, Reflections on the Kingdom of God, and UP FAITH! God loves a faith that is always looking up!, and co-author of two books. Larry Oney infuses positivity and inspiration into his work and ministries. His dynamic presentation style and message of hope has led to hundreds of speaking engagements across the globe. Over thirty years of experience making critical business decisions while helping to awaken the faith of others has uniquely equipped Larry Oney to present lively, invigorating, knowledgeable, and life-changing presentations. 

The mission of Hope and Purpose Ministries is to participate in the New Evangelization through preaching, teaching, leading retreats, conducting parish missions, and fostering the Baptism of the Holy Spirit using excellent media initiatives thereby offering hope and purpose to all individuals through encouragement and knowledge sharing.Through Hope and Purpose Ministries, the team is working to further the ministry of Jesus to proclaim the Kingdom of God (Matthew 10:7), encourage others that God has a plan and purpose for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11), and to help heal the broken-hearted (John 10:10b).

Deacon Larry Oney’s Retreats and Talks

2020 Advent Retreat

Deacon Larry Oney shares two talks in this retreat. He talks about the importance of Jesus’ Genealogy and the importance of remembering where we truly come from. Watch Deacon Larry’s talks below!

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2020 Healing Retreat

Deacon Larry Oney gives a total of four talks in this retreat. He focused on topics of healing and the importance of being one with Jesus in our healing process. To watch or listen to his talks, scroll down below!

  • Healing the Broken Hearted
  • Inner Healing, Emotional Healing
  • Joining Jesus’ Healing Ministry & Praying for Healing
  • Divine Hope & A Sense of Purpose for Your Life

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