Healing from Feeling Worthless

Speaker: Tim Luchessi

Tim Luchessi is one of our speakers in our Pray More Healing Retreat. In his talk, he shares some good points reminding us that we are children of God. Learn more about Tim and his talk below!

About Tim Luchessi

Tim Lucchesi is the Director of Chaste Love; a ministry dedicated to sharing the truth about the dignity of every person. He is to husband Jess and father of two children: a toddler named Evelyn an infant son named Maximilian. After working in parish and regional youth ministry for six years, Tim felt God calling him to be a stay-at-home dad and create Chaste Love ministry with his wife. In addition God and family, the great loves of Tim’s life are cheesecake, science fiction, St. John Paul II, superhero movies and the virtue of chastity. 

Tim Lucchesi’s Retreats and Talks

2019 Healing Retreat

Tim talks about how our material world can cause us to have an identity crisis and forget that we are true children of God. Watch or listen to his talk by clicking the link below!

2019 Talks

  • Healing from Feeling Worthless

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