Speaker: Kitty Cleveland

Kitty delightfully shares her faith and personal encounters with the Lord in her talks. Her charming energy leaves our retreat participants engaged and excited. Learn more about Kitty and her talks below!

About Kitty Cleveland

Kitty Cleveland is a singer/songwriter and inspirational speaker from New Orleans, began her professional career as a lawyer and then as a college professor.  But in an adoration chapel one day in 1998, as she searched for God during a devastating family crisis, she clearly heard the Lord Jesus call her to become a “music missionary.”

Kitty heeded the call and has since released 12 CDs of music and prayer, including two CDs with Lighthouse Catholic Media. Her latest CD, Hail, Holy Queen, was the first of her CD’s to climb the secular Billboard chart. She has appeared numerous times on television, on the radio, in concert, and as a keynote speaker both at home and abroad.

Kitty lives in the New Orleans area with her musician husband and teen daughter, whom they adopted from China in 2005.

In addition to praying with people for healing and encouragement, she enjoys cooking, gardening, oil painting, and is currently working on her first book about her father’s unjust imprisonment and dramatic release by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Kitty Cleveland’s Retreat and Talks

2022 Healing Retreat

Kitty shares her experiences in life and how she was able to heal from them, with God’s grace and guidance.

2022 Talks

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2021 Advent Retreat

Kitty gives a total of four talks in this retreat. She shares her beautiful personal moments with the Blessed Mother and how the Lord never fails to provide and show His love for us even during trying times.

2021 Talks

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