Speaker: Kim Padan

Kim Padan is one of our speakers from our Pray More Retreat. She encourages everyone to start praying the psalms as it is a special kind of prayer that can help us create a more intimate relationship with God. Learn more about Kim and her talks below!

About Kim Padan

Kim Padan grew up in a small town in northern Illinois with her parents, 2 older brothers, and 1 younger sister.  Life was pretty “normal” with school and church activities.  Part of that “normal” life was growing up with Dejerine-Sottas, a progressive neuro-muscular disorder that impacted her muscle strength and balance.  Despite various challenges, Kim always had a sense of her real dignity as a unique person in the eyes of God.  Kim’s parents expected much of her, just like her siblings, and always shared their love for her. That foundation of faith and family helped Kim grow into adulthood to have a family of her own.  In 1993, she married Bruce, and in 1994 she conceived her only biological child.  A routine ultrasound at 14 weeks detected serious anomalies, and Kim was advised to abort.  Knowing that all life is precious in the eyes of God, including people with disabilities, Kim & Bruce rejected abortion.  The months that followed were filled with brief moments of joy and many tears.  Despite the tears, Kim’s testimony is filled with hope and peace as she shares how she learned to cling to Christ in all things.

After her experiences, Kim felt compelled to get involved in the prolife movement.  She joined the Board of Directors at HELP Ministries, INC (now doing business as Women’s Care Clinic) and after 7 years on the board became Executive Director.  Under her 11 year leadership the ministry grew and added services, including ultrasound, allowing the ministry team to save more babies.  Now, God has called Kim out to a broader audience to speak about the blessings He has in store for each of us when we step out of our own plans and into His!   Kim currently serves as the Chair of Evangelization for the Peoria Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, and has been published in the diocesan paper on both prolife and evangelization themes.  When Kim is not speaking or writing about faith (http://gabrielsmom.com), she enjoys singing in the church choir, rubber stamping greeting cards, reading, and watching classic movies with Bruce.  She also recently made her temporary profession as a Lay Dominic.

Kim Padan’s Retreat and Talks

2016 Lent Retreat

Kim shares her insights and experiences in praying and reading the psalms. She also shares her testimony and a turning point in her life that led her to fully live the Catholic faith. Check out her talks below!

2016 Talks

  • How to Pray with the Psalms
  • Intentional Intercessory Prayer
  • Seeking God’s Mercy Through Psalm 51
  • Starting A Conversation with God & Responding to His Word
  • Kim’s Testimony

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