Speaker: Kate Capato

Kate Capato shares her passion for art and faith during the PrayMore Retreat talks. She actively engages her speakers with her personal reflections and works of art that leave many of our retreat participants inspired.

About Kate Capato

Kate Capato, Visual Grace, is a Catholic sacred art painter and speaker rooted in the tradition of the faith. She creates oil paintings inspired by prayer and the truths of our faith and is greatly influenced by the Renaissance masters due to her gifted time studying in Florence Italy.

As a missionary of Divine beauty, Kate travels around with her art speaking about beauty and the ways the Lord shares his love with us through it. Her husband, Pawel, joins in with his talent of music to create a fuller experience of a transcendent encounter with Christ.

Kate is available to create new works for your churches, communities, and homes as well as to travel worldwide to you and share the faith through beauty. 

Kate Capato’s Retreats and Talks

2022 Advent Retreat

Kate shares two talks in the 2022 Advent Retreat, focusing on ways we can be closer to God during this season of Advent.

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