Speaker: Fr. Taylor Reynolds

Fr. Taylor Reynolds is one of our speakers at the Pray More Lenten Retreat. He shares a lot of his insights, and reflections in his talks, which leave our retreat participants refreshed and inspired. Learn more about Fr. Taylor and his talks below!

About Fr. Taylor Reynolds

Fr. Taylor Reynolds is a priest of the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana. After studying Theology in Rome, he was ordained in June of 2014. He has severed in various ministerial roles such as high school chaplain, parochial vicar at several different churches, Hispanic ministry, Steubenville South, and leader of various other retreats and conferences. He has gone on various mission trips throughout the world including to Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Tanzania, and Albania.  He has studied deliverance ministry from various priests and leaders (including Neal Lozano, Unbound) and has used this tool in his priesthood. In 2017 he went back to Rome to finish his degree in Canon Law (JCL) and has returned to serve in the tribunal as judge, defender of the bond, and even assisting with canonization processes. Recently, Fr. Taylor has authored the book No Longer Strangers Finding Companionship with the Saints based on his study of canonization, his devotion to the saints, and his own personal journey with St. Rose of Lima. He is excited to be a part of our team and offers talks on The Prodigal Son Parable, How to Forgive and love your enemies, How is all of our suffering sanctified, and Saints who suffered.

Fr. Taylor Reynolds’ Retreats and Talks

2022 Lent Retreat

Fr. Taylor Reynolds gives four talks that touch on different topics that are apt in the Lenten season. He discusses forgiveness, the meaning of suffering, lives of Saints that we can learn from, and shares his reflections on the story of the Prodigal Son.

2022 Talks

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