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Speaker: Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau is a speaker from one of our Pray More Retreats. He shares his knowledge of the Catholic Faith and inspires us to be better children of God. Learn more about him below, and check out his full talk list from our retreats!

About Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau is a priest from Detroit who is on fire. After four years of priesthood, he experienced a breakthrough surge of stunning healings in ministry that changed his life, convincing him that Jesus loves to give his disciples power to share the gospel and power to heal (Mark 16:18). He carries an infectious joy, inspiring faith, a passion for healing and a unique grace to equip and activate believers into the healing ministry of Jesus.

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau’s Retreat and Talks

2020 Lent Retreat

Fr. Patrick gives three talks for the 2020 Lent Retreat. His talks are centered on themes that we can reflect on during the season of Lent to help us have a closer relationship with Christ.

2020 Talks

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