Speaker: Fr. Ethan Moore

Fr. Ethan Moore is one of our speakers in our Pray More Lenten Retreat. His affable personality makes his talks really enjoyable as he shares his personal experiences and reflections on the Catholic faith. Know more about Fr. Ethan and his talks below!

About Fr. Ethan Moore

Fr. Ethan Moore is currently the parochial vicar at St. Peters in Huber Heights,  OH along with the parishes of Old North Dayton. As a newly ordained priest some of his adventures have included a midnight Mass for New Years, the initial phase of forming a Catholic Biker Gang, and the wilds of everyday parish life. Fr. Ethan is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico but hails McCartyville, Ohio as home.

Fr. Ethan Moore’s Retreats and Talks

2017 Lent Retreat

Fr. Ethan gives four talks, discussing the importance of Our Lady, being God’s children and always knowing God’s presence. Simply click the link below to watch or listen to his talks!

2017 Talks

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