Speaker: Emily Jaminet

About Emily Jaminet

Emily Jaminet is a Catholic author, speaker, radio personality, wife, and mother of seven children ranging from 21-5  and the Executive Director of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network found at www.welcomeHisHeart.com.  She is the co-founder of www.inspirethefaith.com, and her ministry podcast is Inspired by Faith is an outreach of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference. Her fifth book just came out this year: Secrets of the Sacred Heart: 12 Ways to Claim Jesus’ Promises along with the previous titles she co-authored including The Friendship Project, Divine Mercy for Moms, Our Friend Faustina and Pray Fully.  Emily can be found at www.emilyjaminet.com and on social media as EmilyJaminet. She lives in Columbus, OH, with her family.  

Emily Jaminet’s Retreats and Talks

2022 Lent Retreat

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