Retreat Speaker Scott Powell

Speaker: Dr. Scott Powell

Dr. Scott Powell has been a speaker for our Pray More Retreat since 2016. We have had the privilege of hearing his wisdom and insight on three separate retreats, and he is a favorite among retreat participants. Learn more about him below, and check out some of his talks from our past retreats!

About Dr. Scott Powell

Scott Powell

Dr. Scott Powell is a teacher, theologian, and author. He is the director of the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought, an outreach to the University of Colorado Boulder, and is also an affiliate of the Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization, Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado. He has taught at the Augustine Institute and the Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary’s Catholic Biblical School. 

He and his wife, Annie, founded Camp Wojtyla, a Catholic outdoor adventure program for youth based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Scott also co-hosts and produces the popular podcast “The Word on the Hill with the Lanky Guys” and has appeared in numerous Catholic productions, including “Symbolon,” “Beloved,” “Reborn,” “YDisciple” and the “Opening the Word” series. He has been featured on EWTN, “Catholic Answers Live” and several other Catholic outlets. He holds a doctorate in Catholic Studies from Maryvale Institute/Liverpool Hope University in England. Scott is also the author of “An Environmental Ethic for the End of the World: An Ecological Midrash on Romans 8:19 – 22,” recently published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Scott and his wife live near Boulder, Colorado with their three children: Lily Avila, Samuel Isaac, and Evelyn Luca.

Dr. Scott Powell’s Retreats and Talks

2020 Lent Retreat

Dr. Scott Powell is one of the speakers for our 2020 Lent Retreat. He gave a total of four talks discussing different topics such as Our Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and the meaning of Jesus’ Cross. Check out his full talk list for this retreat:

2020 Talks

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2018 Lent Retreat

Dr. Scott Powell shares his insights on prayer and a fresh perspective on the story of David and Goliath. Check out his retreat talk list below!

2018 Talks

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2016 Advent Retreat

Dr. Scott Powell was a speaker for the 2016 Advent Retreat. He gave a total of three talks, sharing his insights and meditations for this season of preparation. Here is a list of his talks from this retreat:

2016 Talks

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