Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Howell

Dr. Kenneth Howell shares his insights and in-depth discussion on topics that help us have a more earnest understanding of the Lord’s love for us. His talks definitely enlighten and inspire our participants! Learn more about Dr. Kenneth and his talks below!

About Dr. Kenneth Howell

Dr. Kenneth Howell is the Resident Theologian and Director of Pastoral Care of the Coming Home Network International. He taught for thirty years in higher education and is the author of six books, one of which is published by Catholic Answers, The Eucharist for Beginners. He is a former Presbyterian minister and theological professor who entered into complete communion with the Catholic Church in 1996. He recently published “Mystery of the Altar: Daily Meditations on the Eucharist.”

Dr. Kenneth Howell’s Retreat and Talks

2021 Advent Retreat

Dr. Kenneth talks about why God became man and the Birth of Jesus and what do they truly mean. His talks give us an avenue to reflect and prepare for the coming of Christ.

2021 Talks

  • Why God Became Man
  • The Birth of Jesus

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