Speaker: Dr. Edward Sri

Our retreat participants enjoy Dr. Edward Sri’s energetic and fun demeanor as he shares his faith, personal and family life that’s centered in the Lord in his talks. Learn more about Dr. Sri and his talks below!

About Dr. Edward Sri

Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, speaker and author of several best-selling books, including Who Am I to Judge? and Walking with Mary. He is the presenter of several faith formation programs used by thousands of parishes around the world, and is the host of the weekly podcast All Things Catholic. With Curtis Martin, he is a co-founder of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and currently serves as the organization’s Vice President of Formation. His newest book and video study program is called No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion (available through Ascension Press). You can learn more about Dr. Sri’s work at edwardsri.com

Dr. Edward Sri’s Retreat and Talks

2021 Advent Retreat

Dr. Edward Sri shares his thoughts, experiences, and devotion to prayer in his talks at the Pray More Advent Retreat 2021.

2021 Talks

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