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Speaker: Ashley Stevens

About Ashley Stevens

Ashley Stevens is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) where she played soccer, worked as a Resident Assistant, and joined the Church. After graduation, she worked as a Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Missionary at Benedictine College and UNL, inviting and equipping college students to grow in and share their faith.

Three weeks after getting engaged, while driving to a FOCUS retreat, she was T-boned by a Mack truck and nearly lost her life. Following a year of intensive care units and therapy, Ashley and her fiancé got married on the year anniversary of the accident to redeem the day. Since then, she has gotten her MBA, started her family, and currently writes and speaks to encourage those whose life isn’t going according to plan. Ashley resides with her husband, Brad Stevens, and their children: Ella, Rachel, and Emily in Lincoln. Find out more about her at mountainsunmoved.com

Ashley Steven’s Retreat and Talks

2021 Lent Retreat

In the 2020 Lent Retreat, Ashley shares her encounters with Jesus, trusting God, and her experiences growing in the faith.

2021 Talks

  • The Titles of Jesus
  • How to Have More Joy
  • How Jesus Breathes New Life Into Our Circumstances
  • Trusting God’s Plan Is Good

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2020 Lent Retreat

Ashley Stevens was a speaker for the 2020 Lenten Retreat and gave a total of four talks. She touched on topics such as trusting God’s will, offering up our suffering, and keeping our hope and faith in Him. Check out the full list of her talks for this retreat below:

2020 Talks

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2019 Healing Retreat

In this retreat, Ashley Stevens talks about her personal experience with suffering and how she learned to trust God during a tragic time in her life. She shares her insights, struggles, and how she sought comfort and healing from God’s love. Check out the list of her talks for this retreat below:

2019 Talks

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