Overcoming Lies of the Devil – Lent 2020

Overcoming Lies of the Devil by Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

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Reflective Questions

“We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures, we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of His Son Jesus.”
– St. John Paul II

1. Jesus knows and touches the Samaritan woman’s wound. He does so gently. He doesn’t want to hurt us by abrasively bringing up our imperfections. He wants to gently come close and lovingly and mercifully open our eyes to what we may need to repent for and change. He is compassionate. How has He done this in your life?

2.  The evil one loves to twist our sins and to try to make us believe that God hasn’t forgiven us or can’t possibly forgive us. We need to be able to recognize lies like these and combat them with the Truth. How can you respond to moments when thoughts like these run through your mind? Maybe there is a Scripture verse or two that you can memorize this Lent that you can go back to and repeat over and over when you’re having difficult thoughts like these. 

3. There is nothing in our lives that God can’t forgive. Have you been to confession recently? What did it feel like when you walked out of the confessional?

4. Satan also loves to make us believe that “we are what we’ve done.” When have you been tempted to believe this? How did you overcome that? If you’re struggling with this now, what verses in Scripture back up the truth that you are not defined by your sins, but that you are defined by the Father’s love? How can you try to believe this more and more every day?

5. God loves to redeem our past. How has He worked like this in your life and through your past? 

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau is a priest from Detroit who is on fire. After four years of priesthood, he experienced a breakthrough surge of stunning healings in ministry that changed his life, convincing him that Jesus loves to give his disciples power to share the gospel and power to heal (Mark 16:18). He carries an infectious joy, inspiring faith, a passion for healing and a unique grace to equip and activate believers into the healing ministry of Jesus.