Joining Jesus’ Healing Ministry & Praying for Healing – Healing 2020


Jesus’ ministry is focused on preaching, teaching, and healing. Here, Deacon Larry discusses how prayer is the most important key for our healing journey, and he guides us through different types of prayer that will help us ask Jesus and the Lord, in confidence and clarity, for our healing.

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Reflective Study Questions

“[T]he prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.”

Jm. 5:15
  1. Deacon Larry mentions the areas of healing people might be in need of: physical healing of areas of the body; internal healing of the body; or emotional or inner healing. In your own life, what areas are in the most need of healing?
  2. As we pray for healing, it is important to renounce any past involvement in such practices as superstition or New Ageism. Do you have a need to renounce involvement in such practices? How can you distance yourself from all such harmful practices?
  3. Deacon Larry discusses the importance of ridding our homes and our lives of things that give dishonor to Jesus. Are there any things in your life or your home that dishonor Jesus? What can you do to rid your life of such things?
  4. Jesus, the Divine Healer, wants to heal us and make us whole so that we’re better able to serve Him and love Him. How can this knowledge of Jesus’ desire to heal you change the way you look at your brokenness?

Text: Joining Jesus’ Healing Ministry

Understanding Jesus’ Ministry

Hi, I’m Deacon, Larry Oney, with Hope and Purpose Ministries. In the first session, we talked about the types of healing. – Physical healing, emotional healing, inner healing, and deliverance. We won’t be talking about deliverance in any detail here, but I did want to mention that as part of one of the ways that God can heal. We distinguished the role of the laity in the ministry of healing. We pointed out that each person that is a part of the body of Christ is called to participate in the common priesthood of Jesus, in his priestly, prophetic and kingly ministry.

Jesus’s ministry was all about preaching, teaching and healing. In fact, in recorded scripture about a third of his ministry is about healing. So, we exhorted to be a part of his ministry. That means that we need to know something about healing. We can be healed through the Eucharist. We can also be healed by someone praying with us. But as we prepare to pray with someone or to receive prayer for healing, we should have a thankful heart. And the person praying should be confident and praise before healing or re pray if it’s someone for healing. God always looks at the person with a way that we as humans cannot look at, because God knows everything.

Divine Healing From The Scriptures

When we pray for people with healing, we should use empowered words. We make it clear and we’ve made it clear in our first session that we’re not called to worry about it when God didn’t heal someone, God is sovereign. It’s within his purview to heal or not to heal. But we know he wants to heal. But, the scripture does say that, “Jesus came to proclaim liberty to the captives, release to the prisoners. To announce a year of favor from the Lord, in a day of vindication by our God.” Isaiah 61:1-2. If Jesus came to do that and we participate in his ministry, then we should be involved in that ministry as well.

So, we’ve said that the way that Jesus healed was by the laying of hands, a word of command, and a word of authority. For example, in Mark chapter 2, “When Jesus entered the synagogue in Capernaum, He ordered the demon spirit to be quiet, word of command. He was demonstrating His power and His authority over the demon spirit.”  We want to look at how we can use the word of command to rebuke, to bind and take authority over the devil as we’re praying. Demons are real, they’re fallen angels. We should not be afraid of them, but we should know how they operate.

The catechism says, or supports the idea in the scripture; rather that divine healing is for today. Not just something that was in the Old Testament. All of the Old and New Testament support the idea of healing, and, although Jesus’s ministry was about preaching and teaching, we forget the significant part of his ministry was healing. Secondly, from the church documents, “Lumen Gentium” and others, it’s clear that you and I are called to participate in Jesus’s ministry.

Our appointed task at this moment is to examine those documents, it’s not to examine those documents rather, in any depth, we just want to point you to them and know that the church believes that all of us are called to participate in healing. We want to look for a moment that the teaching authority of the church and what it says about healing that is a Magisterium. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a document that we can point to. There are six or seven things that I’ve gleaned out for you that the catechism says about healing. That will be the heart of our presentation.

We have a general prayer for healing for certain areas. We will probably not cover all of those in this session, but as you know, these areas for healing generally are, physical healing, dealing with ailments in the joints, and various parts of the body, internal healing with blood disorders with the Intercom systems e.t.c. and then emotional healing, which we talked about in another of our session.

In inner healing, some people use those words interchangeably inner healing, emotional healing. Then we’ll take some time for renunciation. That is to reject those things that are not of God out of our lives. So we can clear the way for God’s healing because we’ve had the proclamation of the word. It goes like this, proclamation, then renunciation, then declaration, and then a demonstration of the power of God. We’re going to take a moment before we get into the actual healing session, what that looks like to renounce, and then declare that we will pray for some prayers for healing after we declare what God is going to do and what he can do.

Prayers To Receive Healing

So, we’ll pray some during this session for the people who are open to it, to receive healing. Even through this modem of this videotape. So generally then, specifically for those who are ready for a time of personal prayer, after this presentation we’ll renounce. We’ll say something like this, “Father in the name of Jesus.” You can say that along with me now.

“We renounce, reject and repent of any involvement with Ouija boards, prayer crystals, or any new age articles, witchcraft. We reject and renounce Palm reading, reading of our horoscopes in the newspaper or online, any superstitious activity, any yoga, any positions of prayer coming out of yoga, reading about new age books, opening ourselves up to spirit guides, channeling, séances, unnatural obsession with the paranormal, involvement with the occult.” And now, that’s a prayer. Now we close this prayer by pleading the blood of Jesus Christ. And we say again, “Lord, we renounce, reject and repent of anything that goes against God’s Commandments and against His Lordship over my life. I pray this through and with the intercession of Mary who crushes the head of Satan and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”

The Power of The Sign of The Cross

Let’s make the sign of the cross now. Because Saint Anthony of the Desert says, the devil runs away when we make the sign of the cross. And we declare now, “In the name of Jesus, I declare before God that I’m a child of the most high God and that I love the Lord and I renounce, reject, and repent of any involvement in the things that do not honor God and give opening to the enemies of God, in Jesus name.”

Secondly, “I declare that I will rid my house of anything that is against the honor of Christ my Savior in Jesus name. I declare that I’m open to the healing, refreshment and mercy of God, especially in the year of mercy, and especially right now, at this moment. Every year is a year of mercy. I declare that I believe that God wants to heal me despite my shortcomings, despite my past, because the church teaches that God loves me and he desires to heal me, and the scripture says, God loves me and desires to heal me. I declare as the Holy Spirit prompts me, and brings to mind those things which I need to be reconciled to God about, I will as soon as practical, partake in the sacrament of reconciliation. I declare that I’m a receiver of God’s love and healing, and I desire to be an instrument of His healing and His deliverance, because the spirit of God’s joy, love and peace lives in me. I declare that my mind, my heart, my soul, and my spirit are open right now. And I ask that the Holy Spirit will start up the gift the faith in me for healing in Jesus name.”

Prayer For Physical Healing

Now, for physical healing, we can actually, we call out those areas. “Lord, heal our knees, heal back problems, leg problems, hip problems, sciatica problems, in the name of Jesus we pray for hand problems, for problems with the feet. We pray for eyesight, for farsightedness, nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma. We pray for hearing problems, kidney problems, heart problems, irregular heartbeat.”  

It’s important to call these things out when you’re praying over someone. “We pray against high blood pressure, low blood cell count, cancer diagnosis, we pray for depression, oppression, would be bound in the name of Jesus. We pray against confusion of thought, Alzheimer’s disease, which many of battling with right now, forgetfulness, sadness, despondency.” And James 5:16, it says that, “Pray for one another, that you may be healed.” We ask God to set a fire, that God would come and to begin to heal. If there’s any ailment in our physical being, we ask God to touch us from the crown of my head to the soles of our feet. Begin to heal us in our mind, and our thoughts. “Heal any physical ailments, Lord, anything with our hearing, Lord, anything with our speech, Lord. -Anything with arthritis, anything with blood issues. Father, we open ourselves up for you to heal us, to give us a new beginning.”

Closing Prayer

Brothers and sisters, the Lord wants to heal you. He is a healer, He’s a deliverer. And he wants His people to be whole so that we can do the work of the ministry. So “Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus, we ask even right now at this moment, send forth your healing power. Raise someone up that is bowed down. That might be feeling overwhelmed, that they might be confused in their mind, in their spirit. They might need a physical manifestation of your power and your glory, and your healing. Raise them up, for we ask if in this healing Lord, a body mind, soul, and spirit, so that we might go forth proclaiming your goodness. -And because we ask in the name of your son, Jesus, who was Lord forever and ever. Amen. Alleluia. And glory the God”

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