Healing From Wounds Caused By Others – Healing 2018

“Healing From Wounds Caused By Others”
by Amy Thomas

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“There are many kinds of alms, the giving of which helps us to obtain pardon for our sins; but none is greater than that by which we forgive from our heart a sin that someone has committed against us.” – St. Augustine

Reflective Questions

  • Have you ever allowed your anger to lead you to turn your back on God? When was the moment that happened? Can you take a moment right now to acknowledge your hurt and pain, and to accept that feeling? God understands and sees how much you’re hurting, and He can accept that you’re angry about what’s happened to you. Share your anger with Him now and the next time it comes up instead of taking it elsewhere. Try to commit to speaking to Him in those moments. Ask Him to receive your feelings and lift them.
  • Do you have a safe person to talk to and to share your experiences with — particularly the things you’re suffering from and struggling with? If you don’t, we encourage you to pray and ask God to introduce you to a person who you do feel safe with, or to look through this list of Catholic Therapists here: https://www.catholictherapists.com/
  • When was the last time you received the Sacrament of Reconciliation? God pours out graces through this sacrament; graces that help to heal, that help to forgive and help to move forward. In the next few weeks, try to set aside the time to go to confession, and to pray and ask God to help you to heal and help you to forgive. If you don’t feel like you want to forgive those who hurt you, then we recommend praying and asking God to give you that desire to want to forgive.
  • Reflect on the coping mechanisms that have been good and helpful for you, and on the few that have not been helpful or healthy for you. What are ways you can find more support to cope in healthy ways?

Amy Thomas hails from the great state of Kansas, though she’s lived the last 16 years away from the “Land of Oz” traveling the country with her Air Force Airman. She graduated from Kansas State University in 2001 and married her love, Dustin, that same year. She has three amazing kiddos–two daughters and a son. Amy runs the website Catholic Pilgrim and loves to write about the incredible journey of living a genuine, authentic Catholic life.